The Horrible Twunts, founded in 2007, is a band consisting of 5 men playing a style, which is has been described as a mix between hardcore and deathmetal. Heavily influenced by the new developments in extreme music in combination with a hardcore heart and the will to be original, the main ingredients of their style are formed...

Their live performance has been described as energetic, aggressive while sounding like a concrete wall. Mixed with a proper amount of humor they've been compared to bands as Dr.Acula. A common result of attending a gig is an extreme hangover added with the necessary minor injuries, eventually providing a strange kind of euphoria afterwards. (As they have been told many times by some of the most unreliable sources)

In 2012 the band recorded their second EP. This is the next step in their disturbing band development, and at the same time the means to spread their, sometimes absurd, ideology...


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Maarten Otten
+31 (0)6 133 77 853